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       Search Basic Payment Records
  • Basic Payment Records show each payment received at the KPC and other credits or changes that effect the total amount owed (PYMT) and the amount applied to an agency or individual's claim (ALOC). This is often the best view to use when you want to calculate the unpaid balance on a debt.

Search Basic Payment Records

  • Comprehensive Payment Records show more detailed information about payments received and payments sent out (disbursed). Comprehensive Payment Records show the lines for every "event" in a payment history, but not disbursements to a family receiving services in DCF's Child Support Services program.
       Search Basic Payment Records
  • IV-D Disbursement Records only show limited information about payments sent out to a family receiving services from DCF under the Title IV-D Child Support Services (CSS) program.
    Kansas Payment Center P.O. Box 758599 Topeka, KS 66675-8599 phone: 877-572-5722  
    The Kansas Payment Center operates under the supervision of the Kansas Department for Children and Families and the Kansas Office of Judicial Administration.  
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