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Direct Deposit Information

What is direct deposit? “Direct deposit” means that any support payment you receive at the KPC is deposited directly into your checking or savings account. You may choose any bank (including a credit union) where you have an existing checking or savings account.

How does direct deposit work? When a payment is applied to any of your support case(s), the KPC sends the money electronically to your bank. Normally your bank will credit your account with the money a few days after the KPC applies the payment to your case(s)—check with your bank if you need to know exactly when the funds will be available.

Is there anything I should know before I sign up for direct deposit? If you choose direct deposit it will apply to all support payments you receive from the KPC no matter how many cases you have. When you send in the direct deposit form please allow at least 14 days for the direct deposit to take effect. If the KPC has any money to send you before the direct deposit is activated it will not be held or delayed at the KPC. If your mailing address is changing and you are worried about a mail delay, please call the KPC during regular business hours for help.

What if I move or change banks? If you have a new mailing address please contact the KPC right away to give us your new address. Click here if you need to change your address.

Support payments will continue to be deposited into the bank account you named unless you make a change in your direct deposit instructions or the account is closed. If you change banks or want to change your direct deposit account fill out a new direct deposit form (link below). If we try to deposit a payment in an account that has closed the bank will refuse it. Be sure that the KPC always has your current mailing address.

You can also change from direct deposit to the KPC debit card -- if you are interested please read the information under Debit Card Information.

Are there limits on what kind of bank or account I can use for direct deposit? You must be one of the named owners of the account. You may use either a personal checking or savings account. KPC direct deposits cannot be made to CDs (certificates of deposit), commercial accounts, or other specialized accounts. KPC direct deposits cannot be split between accounts.

Regular US banks and credit unions are most commonly used for direct deposit. A money market account set up through a brokerage firm may qualify if you are allowed to write checks from that account. Your financial institution must be able to handle deposits that come through the Federal Reserve ACH (Automated Clearing House) and it must be a US or US-affiliated financial institution. If you are not sure that the account you want to use meets the requirements for direct deposit ask your financial institution or call the KPC. To save time, make sure you have a blank check on hand when you call.

The authorization form for Direct Deposit asks you to attach a voided, blank check. That check must have all account information, including your name and address, pre-printed on the check. “Starter” checks for new accounts cannot be used because they do not have enough pre-printed information. If needed, you can take the Direct Deposit authorization form to your bank and have your banker fill in the account information for you.


View a Printable Authorization Form for Direct Deposit - Fill out and mail this authorization form.

Vea una forma imprimible de la Autorización. Depósito Directo - Llene y envíe esta forma de la autorización.

If you need help or have questions about signing up for Direct Deposit, call the KPC toll free number, 1-877-572-5722. KPC representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Central Time (except state holidays).

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